Joel Pokorny & Vivianne C. Smith

  • 1975-1980 Research Career Development Award
    National Eye Institute

  • 1978 Fellow, Optical Society of America

  • 1990 Edgar D. Tillyer Award, Optical Society of America

    Steve Shevell presenting the 1995 Godlove Award

  • 1995 Godlove Award, Intersociety Color Council
    (jointly with Vivianne C. Smith)

  • 1995 Verriest Medal, International Research Group on Color Vision Deficiencies
    (jointly with Vivianne C. Smith)

  • 2001 D.Sc (Hon.), State University of New York
    (jointly with Vivianne C. Smith)

  • 2003 The Rank Prize, The Institute of Physics, London
    (jointly with Vivianne C. Smith, Barry Lee, and Dennis Dacey)

  • 2005 Robert M. Boynton Lecturer, Optical Society of America
    Fall Vision Meeting, 2005. (jointly with Vivianne C. Smith).